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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A school in Pittsburgh is organizing a field trip for their 8th grade students to visit several historic sites around the city. There are 120 students who will be going on the trip. To transport all of the students together, the school decides to rent two 56-passenger charter buses for the day. They plan the itinerary from 9am to 3pm, totaling 6 hours. At a rate of $150 per hour per bus, the total cost for the two charter buses comes out to $1,800. The school also decides to add a 10% tip for the team, bringing the grand total to $1,980. Divided among the 120 students, this comes out to around $16.50 per student for comfortable and convenient transportation to see the historic sights of Pittsburgh for their field trip. Renting charter buses allows the school to keep the students together as a group and not have to coordinate multiple school buses and chaperones. It provides a fun bonding experience for the graduating 8th graders.


Example #2

A large accounting firm in Pittsburgh is planning their annual company retreat. They want to reward their top employees with an exciting day exploring the city. The event planner books a 28 passenger charter bus to pick up the group from their downtown office and take them around to popular attractions like the Andy Warhol Museum, PNC Park, and Mount Washington. She rents the bus for 8 hours to allow plenty of time to see the sights. The 8 hour charter bus rental costs $1,600. With 28 people attending the retreat, this comes out to just $57 per person for convenient transportation to make the most of their corporate event. The bus allows the accounting firm to keep the group together, avoid parking hassles, and leverage a professional team. They end the day with a relaxing dinner along the river before the charter bus drops them back off at the office. It was the perfect transportation solution for their Pittsburgh company outing.


Example #3:

A group of diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fans are planning a trip from Pittsburgh to Cleveland to see their team take on the Browns. There are 30 people in the group, so they decide to rent a 30-passenger charter bus for the trip. The distance from Pittsburgh to Cleveland is about 135 miles, so they are quoted $2,025 for the roundtrip charter bus rental. This covers pickup in Pittsburgh, drop off at the stadium in Cleveland, and return back to Pittsburgh after the game. The quote is based on a minimum of 5 hours to allow time for tailgating. With 30 passengers splitting the cost, it comes out to only $67.50 per person – a great deal considering the convenience of direct transportation without having to worry about driving, parking, or drinking at the game. Go Steelers!


Example #4:

A group of 20 friends from Pittsburgh wants to take a day trip to Ohiopyle State Park for a day of hiking, rafting, and exploring the beautiful waterfalls. Since Ohiopyle is about 1.5 hours southeast of Pittsburgh, they decide to rent a 25 passenger charter bus for the day to handle all of their transportation needs. They are quoted $2,100 to have the bus pick them up at 8am in Pittsburgh, drive them out to Ohiopyle, wait for them while they explore for 6 hours, and then drive them back to Pittsburgh by 6pm that evening. The 10 hour rental comes out to $210 per hour. With a generous 15% tip for their friendly team, their total for the relaxing and fun day trip to Ohiopyle ends up being $2,415, or just $120 per person. This makes the trip affordable and convenient for the whole group of friends.


Example #5:

A bride and groom are getting married in Pittsburgh and want to provide comfortable transportation for their 120 wedding guests throughout the big day. They decide to rent a luxury 56 passenger charter bus to shuttle guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception venues. For the 10 mile route, they rent the bus for 8 hours from 11am-7pm on a Saturday in June. The base rate for this bus is $150 per hour, plus a 10% fuel surcharge and 10% service fee. The total for the 8 hour rental comes to $1,512. To make sure guests don’t have to worry about driving or parking, they decide to include the charter bus as part of their wedding package. The bus has leather seats, hardwood floors, tinted windows and even a restroom onboard so their guests can relax and enjoy themselves. The couple adds an 18% gratuity for their exceptional team, bringing their total bus rental cost to around $1,783 for the day.

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